Safety Protocol for Sunday Services (v6) 

The following is the protocol for attendance at Sunday Services. 


- Please book in advance via Eventbrite.

Before Leaving Home

- Please wash your hands.
- Pick up a face covering.
- Allow time to travel and arrive at church in plenty of time for the service as entry may take longer than normal.
- Do not come to church if you are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus.

On Arrival at Church

- Entry will be via the usual entrance to the church foyer.
- The wearing of a face mask inside the building is now a legal requirement for all over the age of 11, unless you have an exemption. The government website points out that face visors are not acceptable as they do not fit closely enough to the face (if you have forgotten to bring a face mask then disposable ones will be available).
- You may need to queue to get in – if so please be patient and keep a safe distance from other people.
- Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and should be used by everyone.
- A paper copy of the newsletter will be available for collection on entry
- You will be checked against the list of those who have booked seats via Eventbrite, and if not on the list your name and contact details will need to be added – this is required for the purposes of NHS Test & Trace in case we are asked for this information by the Test & Trace Service (this information will be used only for this purpose, and will be destroyed after 21 days). 

During the Service

- Face coverings are now a legal requirement, and must be worn throughout the service unless you have an exemption.
- The windows and doors in the worship area will be open to allow a flow of air through the area (the heating will be on in the winter months).
- Singing by the congregation is allowed behind masks.
- There will be no church bibles available – if you require a bible please bring your own.
- There will be no seat to seat offering collection, but a basket will be placed at the exit for offerings, and a card machine will also be available for those who prefer to give by this means.
- The toilets will be available, but we ask each person using them to disinfect them after use.
- The children’s and youth groups will normally join with the rest of the congregation for the first part of the service, before leaving to go to their rooms. 

At the End of the Service

- Please continue to wear your mask until you have exited the building
- The Prayer Corner will be available for prayer (if you are in need of prayer then please make this known to the Steward who will arrange it for you).
- Exit via the designated exits.
- Hand sanitizer will be available at the exits.
- If you stay for a chat with others then please remember to keep a safe distance and observe all Covid guidelines which are in place.
- If you go to the coffee area for a drink then please collect your drink and return to the worship area to consume it or take it outside (please do not consume refreshments or chat in the coffee area, as the ventilation is poor in this area).

After the Service

- Anyone who tests positive after attending a service, or other event, at church should inform the church by contacting the Administrator via email (
- Anyone who tests positive should also report this to the NHS Test & Trace Service, and mention that they have attended a service or event at the church in the previous week.