Prayer is a vital part of church life and we encourage all members to pray regularly, both privately and corporately.

Prayer focus 2022

We are keen to encourage and equip all  to see the importance, power, and beauty of prayer.
At the beginning of 2022 our Minister and Elders spent time praying and reflecting on what was felt were the key areas for prayer at HBC at this time. Click here for details.


Church prayer meeting

Prayer meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd  Tuesday's of each month at 7.30pm in the Crèche room.    On some of the 3rd Tuesday's  the Prayer meeting  and Church meeting coincide and on these occasions the Prayer meeting starts at 7pm.

Prayer chain 

The HBC Prayer Chain enables prayer for specific causes.  A list of those in the prayer chain is kept and the prayer can start anywhere within the chain. This means that if someone is in special need of prayer, they approach someone on the Prayer Chain  with a request. This is then passed from one person on the Chain to the next until it has gone full circle. 

Prayer Corner

The Prayer Corner follows the Sunday morning service in the rear corner of the church (opposite the sound desk).  It has 2 people present each week and all matters are treated as confidential unless there is a disclosure that means we need to speak to someone else.